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 Dr Taylor's Remedi for Healthy Living - 2nd Edition by Dr. Scott Taylor

  • This is a 94 page, spiral bound book.  Please click for order information.You don't have to read 500 pages to understand the benefits of a low-carbohydrate diet. This book explains in simple terms why reducing carbohydrates is the best way to stay healthy. Losing weight and feeling better mentally and physically are just some of the benefits of following Dr. Taylor's regimen of diet, exercise, and supplements.

    This second edition contains updated information regarding my latest research on insulin resistance, essential fatty acid metabolism and inflammation, weight loss and fat metabolism, and hormone growth deficiency.
"Dr. Taylor’s Remedi for Healthy Living"

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Lyprinol is a new supplement for inflammation. Green Lipped Mussel (GLM) works well when used in combination with borage oil or evening primrose oil.
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Quercetin + CQuercetin +C - 100 capsules, $9.99,  4 capsules contain 500 mg Quercetin Dihydrate and 1400 mg Vitamin C.
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Policosanol 10mgPolicosanol consists of a mixture of fatty alcohols derived primarily from waxes of sugar cane and from beeswax. The main ingredient of policosanol is the fatty alcohol called octanosol. Clinical studies have been conducted with policosanol (or octanosol) in recent years, and based on these studies policosanol appears quite promising in its ability to reduce LDL and raise HDL. Many animal studies with policosanol demonstrate a cholesterol lowering effect, and more recently human studies have suggested that LDL cholesterol can be reduced to a degree similar to that achieved with statins, and that HDL cholesterol can be increased by as much as 10 - 25% (an effect difficult to achieve with statins.) A significant advantage that policosanol has over statin drugs is the lack of adverse effects. Statin drugs can cause liver toxicity, adverse muscular effects, stomach pain, adverse neurological symptoms, and joint pain. These adverse effects have not been seen in studies of policosanol

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Magnesium Optimizer
  • Health Maintenance Products from Applied Botanicals, Inc.Magnesium is one dietary supplement that is especially important. Too much insulin in your body causes your kidneys to waste magnesium, so you become deficient in this important nutrient. Low levels of magnesium cause hypertension, chronic fatigue, asthma, angina, migraine and sinus headaches, poor circulation to the hands and feet, and erectile dysfunction. Magnesium is much more important for strong bones and preventing osteoporosis than calcium.

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